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​The Adjustable Advantage Toilet Seat.

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Toilet Seat
Health & Well-Being
For anyone who desires more than
what an ordinary toilet seat has to offer

Bariatric • Limited Mobility • IBS
Pregnancy • Sciatic Nerve • Female ISC

• Up to 12” of additional support
• Adjusts for greater support
• Widest toilet seat available
• More room for easier access
• Improved personal hygiene
• Supports up to 1,000 lbs.
• Improved posture
• Increased blood flow
• Higher seat reduces knee pain
• Relieves pressure on sciatic nerve
• Comfort for IBS sufferers 

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Superior Quality
Designed and engineered to exceed the demanding needs of any user

Commercial • Residential • Healthcare Institutional • Hospitality

• Lifetime limited warranty
• Heavy-duty design
• Stainless-steel mounting hardware
• Quick & easy installation
• Fits elongated & round bowls
• Water-tight hinges for easy cleaning
• Accommodates all shapes & sizes
• Looks natural in any restroom
• Handicapped or standard restrooms

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Easiest Access Ever - Adjust for comfort and relief for

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The Adjustable Advantage Toilet Seat was conceived of and designed by a man that is now 83 years old and weighs 300 pounds.  He came up with this idea when he was 75 had trouble performing personal hygiene.

We would like to ask everyone that sees this to please use the social media links throughout this website to help me inform others about Adjustable Advantage so that they too can benefit from it's many useful features.

We regularly get calls and e-mails from users dealing with obesity, limited mobility, sciatic nerve, irritable bowel syndrome, Parkinson's, and women that are either pregnant or have to perform self-catheterizations.  They are amazed at how a simple redesign to the toilet seat has changed their toileting experiences for the better.

Please help by telling others about Adjustable Advantage so that others may benefit by it's usefulness.  Thank you.

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